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Advantages of working with Lawyers Funding Group

  • NEVER an Application, Origination, Processing, Underwriting, or Case Monitoring Fee when you apply DIRECT, without a BROKER!
  • Lawyers cooperate more with Lawyers Funding Group because of our efficient and automated underwriting which promotes
    responsive decisions with the least burden to your Attorney.
  • 24 Hour approvals for cases up to $1,500. Minimal or No Documents Required
  • Flexible Repayment Terms:
    Most Funding Companies dictate the terms of repayment and typically required 3 or 6 month buckets, employ methods of
    compounding and deduct or add fees to the advance which are also subject to accrued fees. Many of our competitors will compound up to 350%.
    We will allow our customers to determine which pricing model is best for them.OPTIONS:
  • Pay As You Go 5% per 30 day cycle.
  • Six Month Min. 50% for 6 months; thereafter 3.25% per mo.
  • Fixed Flat Fee 150% max cap.

The APR goes down each month rather than up. Now that you made an investment take your time and get the most favorable
settlement. Attorneys can record one lien amount. It can be reduced but NEVER increased! Attorneys Avoid the Ethical Dilemma
of Delayed Resolution resulting in less Case Equity. Examples below.

Advance     Repayment
$ 500.00       1,250.00
1,000.00       2,500.00
3.000.00       7,500.00

  • Settled Cases 10% for 30 days with 30 day FREE Grace Period; thereafter 5% per month.
  • Verdicts on Appeal Lawyers Funding may receive only the Interest on your judgment as our fee.
  • Convenient Delivery:
    1 or 2 day Tracking : $35 / $20
    ACH Direct Deposit to your Bank Account - $15
    Wire - $75 (when available)
    Mail - N/C
  • Five (5) Days Right of Rescission
    If for any reason you decide to cancel just return the money in five days and you owe us nothing.
  • Attorneys can Invest in Advances made to Clients of other Attorneys with the confidence that our proprietary software which allows LFG to assign Investments to Specific Case Advances and thereby avoiding Conflicts of Interest.
  • And of course .. No Credit Checks | No Repayment if No Recovery | No Monthly Payment

Plaintiff Funding Application / Request

Please complete the form below. Providing more information up front will result in faster processing time and faster access to the cash you need.  Upon submission, a copy of your submission will be sent to the email address you supplied. We thank you and look forward to helping you meet your immediate financial needs.  We thank you.

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