Judgment Purchases

Once a Judgment has been entered upon a jury verdict, the prevailing party is the owner of a legal property interest which similar to any other “Asset” can be sold, transferred, assigned or encumbered. The practice of buying and selling affirmed Judgments and/or business asset receivables is nothing new. However, the concept of acquiring a stated percentage or a fixed dollar amount of a Judgment on appeal is a modern option to a client who remains without income, and is faced with medical expenses or wishes to stay current on finances while litigation proceeds with the uncertain possibility of a reduced verdict, judgment notwithstanding the verdict or a new trial inviting more delay and possibly more appeals.

Appellate Litigation can be complex, but our funding process is simple. With written permission from plaintiff, we will review the briefs of both parties without any fees or cost and make a written offer if we determine that we want to make an investment in the Judgment on appeal. LFG can advance large amounts of cash with FIXED FEES and a minimum of $10,000 advance for this product. Our Fees are always contingent and no money is owed if the verdict is overturned or retried with an adverse result.

Investment Opportunities are available for attorneys.  To discuss further please contact Alan R. Zibelman.

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