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The Business of Litigation Finance Is Booming by Paul Barnett of BLOOMBERG NEWS 5/2017
♦  US.D.C. Eastern District  of PA.  Attorney executing Acknowledging of Lien is
subject the contractual venue clause and jurisdiction in Pennsylvania

♦  Consumer Tort Litigation Finance: A Niche Opportunity for Credit Allocators Gapstow Capital Partners
♦  Are Litigant-Litigation Funder Communications Protected? by Gary J. Mennitt, Shmuel Vasser and Anne Gruner, Dechert LLP
♦  How To Finance Your Plaintiffs’ Firm by Seth Simons on Jan 06, 2015
♦  Should You Be Allowed to Invest in a Lawsuit? by Mattathias Schwartz on Oct, 22, 2015
♦  Ninth Circuit Rules Litigation Funding Activities Do Not Disqualify Arbitrator
♦  Legal Funding Industry in the Press

Industry by State

♦  Florida
-  Lawsuit Financing Industry Survives Appellate-Level Challenge
♦  Maine
-  H.P. 1186 - L.D. 1703 - An Act To Regulate Presettlement Lawsuit Funding
♦  New Jersey
-  Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics - Opinion 691
-  NJ Ethics Opinion
♦  New York
-  Attorney General of the State of New York Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection Report
♦  Ohio
-  Requirements governing non-recourse civil litigation advance contracts.
♦  Pennsylvania
-  Legal Capital, LLC, Appellant v. Medical Professional Liability
-  PA Ethics Opinion
♦  Delaware
-  Delaware Court Approves Litigation Funding Agreement


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